About Us

World Class Websites is a digital marketing company that was founded in 2021 by Jak Dawson. They provide Done-For-You marketing services along with Done-With-You and Do-It-Yourself options. 

Our Story

World Class Websites started by thriving to be being the go-to web designer company in the industry.  While on our mission, WCW delivered high quality designs, but found their clients needing help with SEO and social media marketing. Because of this, WCW knew something had to change. Even though we only offered web design services at the time, WCW wanted more! After extensive research, it was clear that a website needs to be used in combination with other marketing elements like email marketing and social media to be successful. WCW now offers its full service digital marketing solutions created to transform your business!

What Your Business Needs

When we say transform your business, it means knowing where your next lead and sale are coming from! It means having a steady flowing pipeline. It means return on investment. It means business growth. This shift will change your work life and allow you to focus on what you need to focus on. This transformation has always been the goal for our clients. This solution is ultimately what any business needs when stuck in a digital marketing rutt.

How We Operate

While the World Class Websites team is growing, Jak Dawson remains the face of the company. He acts as the project manager and he is the main point of contact for all clients. Jak Dawson has been praised for listening to the client’s needs and delivering the results they desire. It has also been said that his communication is understandable and very concise. As your project manager, Jak is committed to making your business succeed!

We're Community Driven

We are proud members of AMPLIFY Clearwater and get excited about meeting others in the Clearwater area. We are also members of the local Facebook group called I Love St. Pete.

We strive to empower local businesses to by doing the heavy lifting that is associated to websites!


Our free digital audit and marketing strategy will give you the clarity you need to confidently move forward towards achieving your goals for your business.