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Find out which common website goals apply to your business and how to achieve them. This is the next step to website success!

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Everyone says you need a website, but why? Websites are implemented to achieve goals based on the needs of the business. Have you determined the goals for your website? We will discuss common website goals in 2022 and which goals you should prioritize. Common website goals include brand awareness, collecting emails for marketing, generating leads, automation, social media mentions, and more!

Brand awareness

Brand awareness is what every company seeks from a website. Getting your brand in front of an audience gives them an opportunity to interact with your organization. Collaborators may seek out a partnership with you because of what they see online. Your website and brand awareness may be the deciding factor toward becoming a customer. Brand awareness is even more important for those who are not selling anything. For example, non-profit organizations need brand awareness to get people informed and involved. By having your brand in front of your audience, your business can convert the lead when the viewer is ready to proceed.

Collecting emails

The top goal for any website should be to start collecting emails. Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach customers. It’s also very easy for website owners to use email campaigns because it only requires the owner to send an email, not collect them. You can develop a lead magnet or offer something in exchange for their contact information (like a free download) to generate your email marketing list. Once your email list has been generated, you can communicate with your audience with ease.

Generating leads

A website can help your organization generate leads. For example, businesses that sell products or services can purchase ads and drive potential customers to their site where they convert into a lead. Even non-profits will seek out generating leads through websites as well because it is an affordable way for audiences to get involved without much effort (and oftentimes cost). Generating leads is very important for businesses that sell a service rather than a product. With services, you may need to interact with the customer before converting the sale. You should think about how will you get them to your website and transition them into a customer.  If you set yourself up for success, the leads will come flowing in.

Automating your communications

Once you have collected email addresses from visitors to your website; automation is how those people are going to hear from you again! Common types of automation include newsletters and drip marketing. Drip marketing is the practice of automatically sending a set number of emails to your audience at a specific time, based on their actions or status changes. Automation helps businesses run more efficiently by taking care of tedious tasks. There are services that help with this like mailchimp. Automation is a great way to keep in touch with website visitors without having to lift a finger!

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