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Selecting Platforms for business content in 2022 is challenging. Let’s find your best platforms by considering your audience.

Selecting platforms and targeting audiences are the building blocks of online marketing. When you have a strong web presence, potential customers can find your business with ease. But with so many platforms out there, and each one providing its unique advantages in advertising or marketing, it might seem impossible to know where to start. This article will help owners select platforms and target audiences.

It usually isn’t necessary to consider which social media site people use the most. It is more important to find a particular audience on a site that provides a targeted group of customers that are ready to buy. For example, there are millions of users on TikTok, but they may not be the target audience for your product. On the other hand, a Facebook group may be a perfect fit to reach the desired audience. Let’s review the platforms and what is recommended for each.

Google My Business

When selecting platforms for local businesses, Google My Business is a necessity. This platform can increase your online visibility by adding your business to Google Maps, which can help drive more foot traffic in-store. Also, this platform helps get local service providers in front of potential customers. Rather than a specific address, service providers’ location is based on their selected servicing area. An official listing on Google My Business provides you with customizable pages, listings in search results, promotions, and even statistics. If you are targeting local audiences, Google My Business is a must! We recommend optimizing your page by adding your hours, contact info, website, questions/answers, offerings, and high-quality pictures. You can sign up for this platform here and you should note that they may verify your address by sending a letter to you, which may take time.


Facebook is a fantastic tool for businesses of all sizes and can help with advertising. In addition, it’s free! It is recommended to create a business page and input the business information, just like the Google My Business page. Next, share your business page with your friends and invite people to like your business. Remember, more friends means more potential likes. Some of your friends may be nice enough to share your business page with others. Afterward, pages should find groups that pertain to their business or industry. Examples include Small Business Promotions or business groups for local cities. Join these groups, introduce yourself, and be active. When engaging with others, talk about their business, talk about your business, exchange socials, and generate interest.


Instagram is a great platform for businesses that want to showcase their products and services. Photos and videos are the main posts on Instagram, so it’s perfect for visual brands. The app is free to use with the option of adding ads. To get started, create an account, add a profile picture and bio, and link your website. Once you have created your account, post photos and videos that are creative and high-quality. When posting, be sure to use hashtags and mention other accounts in your caption. You can also use Stories to post short videos or photos that disappear after 24 hours. If you want to run ads, be sure to set up a Facebook business page first, as this is required for advertising on Instagram. When selecting platforms, keep in mind that Instagram and Facebook can be linked in Facebook’s business suite to simplify your social media.


TikTok is becoming a popular social media site for businesses to advertise on. The app is free to use and it’s perfect for promoting short videos. It is built for users to share trending and entertaining videos with friends and followers. When creating videos, be sure to keep them interesting and relevant to your brand. To get started, create an account and fill in your business information. When posting, be sure to use hashtags and mention other accounts in your caption. Also, it’s important to learn which hashtags are popular and will bring in your target audience. If you are selling a trending product used by young consumers, Tiktok is a great platform for you. If your product doesn’t sell to younger consumers, consider another platform. Lastly, keeping up with social media platforms is difficult, so don’t hesitate to partner with a social media expert!


LinkedIn is the place for professionals, business owners, and those with an entrepreneurial spirit. Since so many users on LinkedIn have a similar interest in starting their own ventures – it’s no surprise that this platform is an entrepreneur’s go-to resource to find potential customers or partners! LinkedIn is a staple for those selling to other businesses. We recommend creating a profile for yourself and your business. Then, input your relationship with the business on your personal page. Also, add your business information to the business page. LinkedIn isn’t like other social media and it may take some getting used to. Due to this, we recommend watching a video or two on making connections and growing an audience. While results aren’t immediate, this platform will contribute to growth in business-to-business operations.

Be Successful At Selecting Platforms

For a successful digital marketing strategy, you need to know where your audience is and the best way to engage with them. We’ve discussed how you can use different social media platforms for different audiences depending on needs and preferences. To find success in this space, start by selecting platforms that will work best for your target demographic, then create content tailored specifically for it. Once you have created content that performs well on the platform and has an engaged following, stay up-to-date on all of its latest features so you don’t miss out on anything important! What’s been working well for your company? Let us know by scheduling a marketing consultation today. 

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