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Learn about the simple, easy, and user-friendly process that our company uses to create unique, amazing websites for clients.

The World Class Websites process is designed to get clients online with ease! We are here to be your one-stop shop for all of your website needs. Since websites aren’t a common knowledge topic, we’ll guide you through the process, all while communicating in simple terms.

Consultation and Determining Needs

During our first meeting, we will ask questions about your needs and goals. We recommend not rushing this initial meeting. This is because it is very important for our team members to get an accurate understanding of the client’s desired website experience. First, we discuss your current business’s website status, and what you want to achieve. Second, we determine the number of pages you would like your website to be, as well as any additional functionalities. Additional functionalities are any website features that are customized to your business. For example, a barbershop website’s special functionality may be a booking calendar that is integrated with Google Calendars. If you are considering an e-commerce website, we then discuss setting up the store and its products.  Once we complete our consultation, we provide a quote for the services. Then we move forward with the design stage of the World Class Websites process!

Planning the Layout

We often discuss the tone of a website and how it should correlate with the brand. For example, if you sell elegant custom cakes, then a light and sophisticated feel would be appropriate. Next, we discuss the goals and how we plan to achieve them. Websites should direct users to take an action. This approach is called a “Call To Action”. Normally, converting viewers into customers or leads is the call to action. Lastly, it’s always preferred to have a reference website. A reference website is commonly a competitor’s website that has a similar tone and goal. It’s important to be mindful of what is considered modern for each industry to keep a competitive edge. If you know what the standard for the industry is, you can match the competitive standard and then make it your own.

Collect to Create

Your business is unique and so are the factors that go into its success. That’s why we take the time to collect important information about your business. We ask for your contact info, a short description of what you do (even if it’s simple), social media pages, high-quality logos/pictures, domain information, and more. We encourage clients to provide more than enough media so the designer has many options. After gathering everything, we move on to determining what content will be on each page. In some cases, we may create a rough draft of a page to have a visual representation. Once we go through the pages, we are ready to hand off the information to our designer who will bring the vision to life.


Once we start designing, we take lead! Our design process starts with framing the website’s layout on the home page. We would implement the colors and tone discussed in the planning phase to create your custom layout that will continue throughout the website. We recommend using a similar theme for all of the pages because drastic changes between pages may ruin the user experience. If your business prefers a collaborative process, then we can work together to make your project happen. The collaborative approach is typical for larger businesses that have a marketer or graphic designer making decisions on the project.

Review and Updates

Now that the pages are designed and functioning, our team allows clients to review the website either in a meeting or on their own. We do an in-depth analysis of strong points/opportunities with each client so they can see what is working for them before moving forward themselves. After determining where there might be opportunities based on this private testing phase (which helps us determine how things will perform when living), it’s time to make any necessary fixes before going public with the website. While in the private testing phase, we check the website across various devices to sort out the nuances between the screen sizes before the public launch.

Marketing and Maintenance

Now that the website is live, the next points of focus are consistent functionality and attracting viewers. Maintenance is essential to ensure that the website is functioning properly and securely. There are a lot of moving parts that make up a website, and just like all technology, updating is required to ensure functionality and security. Since we are website professionals, we encourage clients to see the value of contracted maintenance. Just like cars, it’s significantly better to have a professional-looking it over, and to be proactive and preventative rather than responsive. For example, we may identify a problem that affects the website in a small way before it evolves into a bigger problem. In some cases, if the client has technical staff and wants to maintain in-house, we may charge for maintenance training.

For websites, marketing means bringing qualified viewers to the website. The most common forms of marketing for websites include SEO, blogs, and ads. The most basic forms of website traffic include paid for traffic and organic traffic. The difference is that one is paid for, and one is earned. If SEO is implemented, organic traffic grows as the search engine ranking improves. Initial SEO traction grows over the duration of 8 months to a year. Since this takes time, it’s important to start on it now, in order to enjoy the benefits later. With no SEO implemented, organic website growth is minimal. For marketing and maintenance, we offer subscription plans and provide discounts for clients included in case studies and ongoing subscriptions. Once you see the benefits of our maintenance and marketing, we are confident that you will continue the profitable services.

Making an Informed Decision

Now that you know the World Class Websites process, you should be able to make an informed decision about hiring us for your website needs. If you are ready to take the next step and build a website that will generate income for years to come, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We would love the opportunity to work with you and build your new business site. Request a consultation and schedule a discovery phone call to speak with the owner!

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