Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Performance Upgrade

A website’s performance can play a big role in the user’s experience and can even turn customers away from your website. Just like a physical storefront, if someone walks in and no one acknowledges them, they will probably leave. Imagine you are viewing a website for the first time and it takes 15 seconds to load. In 2022, you would probably think that the website is broken and move on to a different provider. This can happen when there are issues with website performance and to be resolved. Also, Google’s algorithm will acknowledge your website’s performance grade and factor it into your SEO ranking. And we all know that SEO ranking with Google is important for future success!

SEO Performance Upgrades involve technical work that includes compressing images, removing unused code, deferring Javascript, caching the website, minifying css, minifying javascript and delivering files with a Content Delivery Network. The process involves using various tools that individually improve performance slightly, but when used together can result in an “A” ranking with Google. This performance ranking is measured with PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix. And with a great SEO Performance Upgrade service like ours, you can see faster load times and better rankings for your website!

Improving your website’s performance can improve user experience and can improve ranking in Google, both of which are extremely important. Improving your website’s performance means making the website load as quickly as possible. In 2022, if a website takes more than a few seconds to load, the user may go elsewhere. Make sure your website is performing according to today’s high standards by using our SEO Performance Upgrade service.

SEO Blog Posts

Have you ever asked a question in a Google search and then navigated to a website to read about the answer? You may not know, but you likely read a blog post to get your answer. Do you know who is writing these blog posts? The industry leaders who are consistently making content. And that could be you! We offer guest writing where our blog writer will post articles on your website. We also offer ghostwriting services where our blog writer will write the article and you can get credit for it!

Creating consistent blog posts can provide a variety of benefits. First, you have the opportunity to gain traffic with each post. If you answer a question that is trending on the internet, you have the opportunity for immense traffic. Second, consistent blog posts can boost your ranking with Google because it improves your website’s authority. This is because the more content you create, the more you add to Google’s understanding of your business. Also, we create articles that contain links to established sources, which further proves your credibility with Google. Lastly, blog posts can be used to provide information to your existing audience, they can be referenced from other parts of your website, and can even be used as content for social media.

Have you ever asked a question in a Google search and found your answer on a website? You may not know, but you likely read a blog post to get your answer. Industry leaders make blog posts to answer these common questions, which allows them to get more traffic and authority with Google. Your business can also provide this value by using our guest blog writing and ghost blog writing services to further develop your website.

SEO Backlinking

Backlinking is when a credible and established website links to your website. Google’s ranking of your website relies a lot on your website’s credibility. If your website is brand new, has no content, doesn’t link to other websites, and no websites link to it, Google won’t think your website is credible. But if your website has been around for years, creates a lot of content, has linked to other known businesses and has been linked to numerous times, Google will recognize your authority and rank you higher.

Backlinking services vary from provider to provider. We build backlinks with trustworthy strategies that improve your ranking. Some SEO agencies promise fast results, but may use questionable methods that aren’t built to last. Our backlink solution is a long term investment in your business’ future online. To set this up, we determine what keywords we want to utilize, conduct research, find websites with authority, and create a magazine quality article. Then we post the article to the website as a guest, include links to your website, and provide you a report. Learn more about backlinking here.

A website’s Google ranking can play a huge role in a website’s online traffic. The next technique used to improve ranking is called backlinking. Backlinking is when a credible and established website links to your website. Consistent backlinking means ongoing improvement in ranking, which means more traffic. Be certain that your business website will succeed in the long run by using our backlinking services to improve your rankings!

SEO Audit

Do you have an existing website but you don’t know how you are doing with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Our SEO audit can provide metrics to help inform your decisions on your next moves! We check your performance, keyword ranking, who your competitors are, and if you are effectively using your keywords. We also compare your website to your competitors to ensure you are keeping up as an industry leader. We can also review for local SEO and see how you are performing in Google Maps. 

We check your titles, H1s, H2s, amount of content, keywords used, meta descriptions, performance, core web vitals, and more. Next, we provide detailed notes on suggested areas of improvement. Our notes include comparisons to competitors, your keyword usage vs suggested usage, your level of engaging content, where you rank on keywords, how you could improve your ranking, if your pictures are SEO optimized, and more. With our SEO audit, you will know where you stand, how you can improve, and how much it would cost to hire us to improve your SEO.

Like most things in life, every website has positive and negative qualities. This service checks for opportunities to improve ranking and it is ideal for under-performing websites. Our SEO Audit service reviews your website for ranking, keyword usage, meta descriptions, content, and other important elements. Next we notate our findings and present them to you. Along with these notes, we also inform our resolution and a quote for the services.